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What, When and Where

Bud Light Party CampaignEvery year around this time, Bud Light promotes a branded event or set of events.  It used to be the Bud Light Cruise (2008 to 2012), where they charted a cruise ship and lucky winners got to attend, in 2013 they did the Music First concert series which culminated in one night where there was a concert event in every state, in 2014 and 2015 they had the #UpForWhatever events that included turning a small ski town in Whateverville, USA for a weekend block party.

This year it is the Bud Light Party.  Sounds fun, right?  Well by “party” they mean political party.  Here is their description from BudLight.com.

“America. They say we’re a nation divided. They say we disagree on everything. But they’re wrong. We agree on a lot. Like liberty. Justice. Three-day weekends. Funny t-shirts. Burritos. Sliding on hardwood floors in socks. Cat videos. And beer. Nothing brings America together like Bud Light. That’s why we formed the Bud Light Party. We are the fake political party America needs right now. A party proudly stuck in the present, where all men and women should be treated fairly, paid equally, and live happily. A party for everyone. Because no matter where we all stand on the issues, we all sit on bar stools. America has seen the light and there’s a Bud in front of it.”

The site has beer campaign banners you can share on social media. There are many small Bud Light Party themed event schedule at various bars across the US. I plan to check out an event as soon as there one near me (a list of event is available at http://www.budlight.com/event-finder.html). However, it remains to be seen if there will be a signature event like they usually do. Considering the spokes people used in the ads, including Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen, it is possible that is where the budget for a signature event was spent. I’ll be sure to post, should anything be announced.

For many people who miss the Bud Light Cruise, the Open Bar Cruise has become the surrogate.  It is a weekend of them parties, two Caribbean islands, and unlimited premium liquor, beer and wine.

Post from former Bud Light crusier

Testimonial from a former Bud Light cruiser on a Open Bar Cruise.

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