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How to Play the Best Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

So you’re at your favorite hangout spot and those black and white cards come out, those Card Against Humanity (  As fun as they are, is there way to kick the game up a notch by adding a dinking element to it?

Here is how to turn Cards Against Humanity into Cards Against Sobriety.

The most common addition is to have everyone whose white card wasn’t picked by the tsar take a drink.  That is easy enough, but too simple and boring.  Cards Against Sobriety is the combination of Card Against Humanity and with elements of the popular drinking game Kings (AKA king’s cup, jug, donut, circle of death, oval of fire, or ring of fire).

The last vowel on the black card drawn determines the drinking rule.

The rule starts as soon tsar (the person who will be judging white card responses) presents the black card for the round.

A = Ask: The tsar asks a random player as question.  That player then asks another random player a question, who then asked someone else a question, and so on.  The first person who doesn’t immediately ask someone else a question, answers a question, or repeats a question, drinks.

E = Everyone: Everyone drinks.  This can be done as a “waterfall” where the tsar starts to drink/chug.  Players in a circle must wait until the player to the right starts drinking to start, and may stop drinking only when the player to their right stops.

I = Snake Eyes: The tsar now has snake eyes.  Anyone who looks as someone with snake eyes has to drink.  The rule stays in effect until someone else gets snake eyes.

O = Oh! Never Have I Ever:  The tsar admits to something they have never done by saying “Never have I ever…”  Any player who has done it must drink.  If no one drinks, person who made the statement must drink.  The person to the right makes the next statement, and the game continues once around the circle.

U = You!:  The tsar picks someone who drinks with them.  They both drink, and for the remainder of the game if one of them has to drink, they both do.

Y = Why, because I said so!: The tsar makes are rule which everyone must follow, or failure results in a drink.  The rule remains in effect until the next Y is drawn.

No vowels = Y = Why, because I said so!:  There is a black card with only blanks on it.

Did you know you can play Cards Against Humanity without a deck on your phone?

Go to and select “New game”, you’ll receive a link you can share for others to join the game.

Update 3/29/2016:  The above link no longer works.  Please let me know should you find any place to play online.


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